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What to Expect

·      When you arrive for your first massage, you will be asked to fill out a brief health history.

·      We’ll discuss which areas cause you pain or discomfort. That will help determine the therapeutic focus of the massage

·     Next we will go into the massage room and say a prayer for God’s healing grace.

·      I’ll leave the massage room so that you can undress in private. Once you are comfortably under the covers and on the massage table, I will knock before entering.

·      Once the massage begins, please feel free to talk and ask questions at any time. I will check in with you throughout the massage to see how you are feeling, but for the most part, I will stay relatively quiet because I will be praying silently while I am working.

·      Once the Prayerful Touch Massage is complete, I will leave the massage room, and you can redress in private.

·      We will then pray the ending prayer for God’s healing grace.

 Do I Have To Be a Christian To Receive a Prayerful Touch Massage?

No, you don’t have to be a Christian. The Prayerful Touch Massage treatment is not only beneficial to the client who is comfortable with prayer and Scripture. It is also beneficial to each and every precious child of God (yes—that’s you!).

 It’s your choice if you don’t want to pray before and after the treatment, but just know that I will still be praying silently—it’s what I do!

How often should I get a massage?
That really depends on what your goals are, and your budget. I recommend getting a massage at least once a month, as the effects are cumulative. A few of my clients come in once a week, most of them come in every other week, some every 3 weeks, and some once a month. All of them recognize the importance of self-care, and the health benefits that they enjoy from receiving massage on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of Dry Brushing?

Gentle Dry Brushing will help exfoliate dead dry skin, improving its appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when massage oil is applied afterward (we use organic naturals massage oil).

Gentle Dry Brushing stimulates the Lymphatic system as the brush is swept superficially over the skin towards the heart and in the direction of lymph flow.

Should I refer my friends and family?
Yes, referrals are an important part of our business. We appreciate the trust you put in us, and promise to take care of your friends and family as well as we take care of you.

What is the New Client Discount?

If you are a new client at Prayerful Touch Massage, you will receive $20 off of your first treatment. 

Can I combine the New Client Discount with another discount or special?

No, the New Client Discount does not apply to services that are already discounted, massage packages, or to gift certificate purchases.


Lila is my "masseuse of preference" and is undoubtedly one of the most talented and knowledgeable massage therapists with whom I am familiar.


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